Ndola residents riot over murdered domestic worker

Sat, 15 Dec 2012 10:19:12 +0000

Residents of Ndola on the Copperbelt yesterday took to the streets looting shops belonging to Somali nationals to protest the killing of a domestic worker by a Somali national for demanding a two month salary amounting to K400,000.

Business came to a stand still as residents of Masala and Ndeke ran amok as they vented their anger on shops and properties were damaged.

Mary Kalunga a resident confirmed the incident to the Daily Nation and added that government should give the murderer stiffer punishment so that it serves as a lesson to other would be killers.

She described  the incident as being very painfull because the poor worker had been  killed for rightfully demanding what belonged to him.

“Tatutemenwe ngula panono, umwine ale ibombela (we are not happy  because the fellow  used to work in order to earn a living but to kill him like that was bad.” She added.

“Why should someone go to an extent of killing a worker who is rightfully demanding to be paid his  money? This really angered us and we want to sort out the people who are ill treating Zambians just because they have money,” Kalunga said.

Ms Kalunga said that the residents were also planning to attack the families of the Somali nationals but they were stopped by the police who came onto the scene quickly.She said justice should prevail and that government should see to it that justice prevails and have the murderous foreigner caged for safety of  innocent citizens.

On Thursday a Somalian national  based in Ndola shot dead his domestic servant, Holland Kabaso of  Chipulukusu compound  when he went to ask for his salary.

The Somalian National identified as Omar Mohammed Hashi  is currently in detention at Ndola Central Police Station.

Copperbelt police Chief Mary Tembo confirmed on Thursday that Mr Kabaso died instantly after  being shot in the head by Mr. Hashi when the former went to claim his money which he had worked for.

Ms Tembo said Hashi was arrested in Kansenshi area as he attempted to flee in a taxi and police recovered a 7.55 calibre VZOR pistol and four rounds of ammunition.

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