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FDD Member Brebner Changala


The Patriotic Front (PF) manifesto is outrageous, undemocratic and defective as a result Former Works and Supply Minister Mike Mulongoti says he cannot join the ruling party.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Mulongoti said the PF constitution was a bad constitution because it assumed the country’s constitutional powers.

He cited the clauses where the Judiciary would report to the party, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), parastatal organizations being run by the PF party which he said was unattainable.

Mr. Mulongoti said that the PF manifesto had overrated itself hence the failure to fulfill its many promises it made to the people of Zambia.

“Their manifesto was so outrageous. It made many commitments which were unattainable. It proved lies. There constitution was not in line with my thinking. The judiciary must report to the PF, It is under the PF. Read their constitution; I am not lying that is what is in there. The DPP will report to the party. This is unattainable for me because it is taking the country aback,” he said.

He said Mr. Kabimba’s thinking was as a result of his personal figment of dreaming to think that he would have been PF when it was the PF who wanted his support to form government.

“Wynter has un-inflated ego, he has un-inflated appetite for power. His bridled appetite for power will one day land him in problems. He should stop thinking that he was the most important person than any other people. He should realized that you can only dismiss someone whom you have admitted in the party. For me I have never applied to be PF and I don’t know why he is talking about me,” said Mr. Mulongoti.

He advised Mr. Kabimba to be grateful to all those that made it possible for the PF to form government.

“This man should realize that not all who voted for the PF are their members. Many of the people supported the PF because they were tired of the MMD and not because of their membership. Mr. Kabimba must also know that he is making life undesirable for the PF. Let this man stop attempting people. He will soon go to them He should stop being arrogant,” he said.

Mr. Mulongoti also said that Mr. Kabimba was a scared political dwarf with un-inflated ego for power who should stop overrating himself because he was a failure.

He said that Mr. Kabimba was a political dwarf who didn’t want people of a strong political and economic stature to be in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) because he was sacred.

Mr. Mulongoti cited his maneuvers on Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba whom he wanted to scandalize but ended up burning his own fingers.

“Mr. Kabimba is a political dwarf who don’t want people of high political stature to join the PF. You can see this from what he wanted to do against GBM whom he is scared of, both politically and economically. GBM is an elected MP, while Kabimba has been losing, he has never won any election in his life and therefore he should be grateful to people who supported them, people who helped them to be in power rather than insulting the very people who supported them,” he said.

Mr. Mulongoti said that it was shameful and disgracing that Mr. Kabimba was still politicking suggesting to people that, “I wanted to join PF when I did not even apply to. I have never been PF, I have never applied for membership. So it is outrageous for him to lie that he did not give me a position in PF as if I applied.”

And PF Chipata Central losing Member of Parliament Lameck Mangani would only issue a comprehensive statement about the happenings in the PF after meeting Mr. Kabimba next week.

Mr. Mangani told the Daily Nation that he would only respond to Mr., Kabimba’s continuous attack after holding a meeting with him next week.

He said that it was not his habit responding to unsubstantiated statements, adding that he had already made an appointment with Mr. Kabimba for this week where he would discuss issues affecting his membership in the party.

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