PF ministers reject Wynter

Wed, 19 Sep 2012 17:37:41 +0000

The recent appointment of Wynter Kabimba as Justice Minister has created cracks within the PF government with six cabinet ministers and some senior party officials holding dark corner meetings to brainstorm on why he has become arrogant and refused to relinquish one post.

Sources within the party told the Nation that the group of cabinet ministers and senior party officials are incensed that President Sata has been preparing Mr Kabimba for the PF presidency yet the Justice Minister was the most unpopular person in the party.

President recently appointed PF secretary general Mr Kabimba as Justice Minister and the six cabinet ministers and senior party officials are not happy with the way President was governing the country and his desire to impose Mr Kabimba on the party even though he was not popular.

“There is a deep crisis in the ruling party because there are some ministers and senior party officials who are unhappy with Kabimba who is holding two positions. The group is not also happy that President Sata has sidelined them in preference for those who were not original party members” the sources said.

They said most losing candidates mainly from Western, North-Western and Eastern provinces felt that president Sata and the party used, abused and abandoned them soon after he was declared winner and sworn in as head of state.

The sources said they were aware of maneuvers by President Sata to have Mr Kabimba succeed him adding “the six cabinet ministers and senior party officials are ready to leave the party just a year before the next elections”

The senior party members are concerned that President Sata seems not to care about the waning popularity of the party and that is why he has remained aloof even in the face of discontent.

“President Sata has not only remained aloof on his party matters but gravely silent on many national issues and has only spoken out on issues involving his differences with the opposition political parties apart from threatening diplomats” the source said.


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