Scott a bitter man: Kamba

Sun, 11 Dec 2016 10:33:14 +0000

By Bennie Mundando

GUY Scott will die a miserable and bitter man because he made a wrong move to join a bunch of losers with the hope that they would form government and he is now regretting, Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka province youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba has charged.

Commenting on Dr. Scott’s statement that he was unhappy with the direction the country was taking under President Edgar Lungu, Mr. Kamba said Dr. Scott’s frustrations were self-inflicted because he failed to read the signs of the times.

He said Dr. Scott was hurting from the PF’s victory in the August elections after misleading people like Miles Sampa to leave the party and crusade for votes for the opposition.

He said Dr. Scott should brace himself for worse things to come because the PF would again beat the opposition in 2021 because it had become more attractive and stronger.

He said Dr. Scott’s frustrations were not that things were not moving well in the country but that the cartel that had planned to hold the ruling party to ransom had lost grip and that those “lost sons” like Mr. Sampa whom he hoodwinked into leaving the PF had U-turned and were asking for an embarrassing return to the party.

He said what was making Dr. Scott unease was that he was aware that his political relevance was hanging by a thread following his wrong move and that he knew that even if elections were to be called in Lusaka Central, his wife, Charlotte, would be defeated by whoever would stand under the PF ticket.

“Dr. Scott will die a miserable and bitter man because he has made a lot of wrong calculations in his political career which have rendered him politically useless. His rantings about the country not running smoothly are unfounded because at some point, the exchange rate had hit K16 per dollar but where is it today? We have managed to stabilise the economy against his wish because he wanted us to fail and that is where the bitterness is coming from.

“He ditched the PF and lured his disciples like Mr. Sampa to follow him but he is now bitter that the same people he was leading away from PF are now coming back. Mr. Sampa right now wants to come back because the party they supported in the last election lost.”

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