UPND youths warn Wina

Mon, 22 Oct 2012 17:08:41 +0000

UPND youths inWesternProvincehave threatened to manhandle Traditional and Chiefs Affairs Minister Inonge Wina for issuing threats to the people in the region who are condemning the PF over failed promises.

Provincial youth chairperson Shadreck Mungomba said it was sad that a minister could now go back and intimidate people ofWesternProvincefor speaking on issues that affect them.

Ms Wina is alleged to have warned Westerners not to talk about more money in the pockets and development issues including the Barotse Agreement of 1964.

Mr Mungomba said as youths of province, they were only reminding government to do what was expected of it by avoiding giving false hopes to the people.

“We as UPND youths, we are warning madam Wina to stop intimidating the people inWesternProvinceor she will face our wrath. We will not be scared by her threats when she is the one that came to tell us lies in the first place?

“It has now come to our attention that this government does not represent the views of the people and as an MP we had expected Ms Wina to sympathize with us because she knows what we are going through,” he said

He said UPND will not keep quite and will continue to remind the PF government to honour what they promised the people during their election campaigns last year.

The youth leader said that it was a big shame for Ms Wina to warn the people that put her in office with arrests for making rightful demands from government.

He said UPND youths were ready to be arrested for speaking out the truth and if government felt offended, it should first apologise before unleashing the police on innocent citizens.

He observed that it was wrong for government to arrest anyone that reminded them about what needed to be done for them instead of incarcerating innocent people in Kaoma for speaking the truth.


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