Zambia’s development amazes Musoma

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SEVERAL parts of Zambia are witnessing massive development under President Edgar Lungu’s administration, Zambia Republic Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has said.
Mr Musoma described President Lungu as the right leader who had the commitment, determination and selflessness to improve the livelihood of the Zambian people.
He said the President has managed to take infrastructural development such as roads, hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, bridges, communication towers, airports among other infrastructure across the country since he came into power in 2015.
Mr Musona told the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday that these infrastructure development in various sectors and investments had improved the livelihood of the Zambian people.
He also added that the development had largely benefited people in rural areas by providing easy access to goods and services thereby alleviating poverty.
“I have no doubt in the capacity and ability of President Lungu to lead Zambia into greater heights of prosperity, all he just needs is the support from Zambians, including political parties.
“He has the passion and burning desire to serve selflessly, God has brought him for a purpose to complete the good works that he had started. I am confident that he will do it if we give him the support and cooperation he requires. He needs our prayers too,” Mr Musoma said.
Mr Musona added that President Lungu visits to all corners of Zambia to interact with the grassroots, the people who elected him, was a clear indication that he was in a hurry to improving the welfare of Zambians.
Mr Musoma also called on the media to tell the story of the massive developments taking place in several parts of the country.
He observed that the developments taking place under President Lungu have not been well documented.
He cited Eastern, Luapula, Western and Southern provinces as some of the regions which had received massive developments under President Lungu’s administration.
Meanwhile, Mr Musoma has urged the President’s critics to give him chance to utilise his five-year mandate for development delivery than dragging him into politicking.

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