Dear Editor,

EVEN as the country is gripped in the frenzy of political climax, we should not relent and be blind to the ravages Covid-19 is causing to the (global) economy.

We, therefore, need to aggressively use every opportunity we have to be productive at individual level and as a nation.

Under the circumstances, it would be imperative that the decision to send the economy to sleep at 21 hours be rescinded.

We have been guided well by the commander in chief throughout the Covid-9 battle and have gained global admiration as one of the safest destinations.

However, as one wiseman once said, “Obscurity is dispelled by augmenting the light of discernment, not by attacking the darkness.”

We need to stretch our focus to not only fighting Covid-19 but also creating more economic activities such as allowing commercial buses and heavy goods couriers to operate 24 hours as this will, in a way, help cushion the effects of economic downturn engineered by Covid-19.

Movement of people and goods is an economic driver and should be allowed to run 24/7 especially when most economic activities have been affected by Covid-19.


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