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Dear Editor,

WITHOUT an ounce of doubt – I am convinced that President Edgar Lungu is now sorely focused on developing further and driving Zambia forward and not playing politics because the nation has been stuck in the political gear since 2016.

It’s time as a nation we looked at the bigger picture which is recovering our economy and turning Zambia into an upper middle income country.

President Edgar Lungu nonplussed the entire nation with his choice of running such that many eyebrows were raised and armchair critics and political pundits had a field day.

The message many missed is that President Lungu wants to be above petty politics in his last term in office as Republican President and his choice of running mate indicates so and I will explain why.

President Lungu had a luxury of choice and an arsenal of politicians to choose a simpatico running mate from. But being a levelheaded man he is, he resisted the temptation of choosing a running mate that plays politics at a professional and proficient level instead he went for an intelligent, firm and forthright running mate because he knows that his last term will not be about playing petty politics but delivering beyond the people’s expectations. President Lungu wants to go out with a bang!

By choosing Prof Nkandu Luo, President Lungu gave a signal that his last term in office will be a real deal. There will be bold decisions made in the interest of the Zambian people and there will be non-negotiables as far as service delivery and hard work is concerned because this is what Zambia needs and that is what Prof Luo brings to the Vice Presidency.

Prof Luo’s track record speaks for itself as she does not have not even a single stain of corruption in her many years of serving the nation diligently since 1996 and this is no mean achievement.

It is an open secret that temptations to be engaged in acts of corruption when working in Government are high but being a woman of integrity, Prof Luo passed the test. Borrowing the words of Dr. Chishimba Kambwili – Prof Luo is as white as KK’s handkerchief.

By picking a corruption and scandal free running mate, President Lungu sent a clear message that corruption, dishonesty and double-dealings won’t be condoned and culprits will have to face the law.

Like President Lungu admitted that not all will agree with his choice of running mate, nonetheless, I’m certain that with time he will once again be vindicated just like on previous decisions.

I remember when he first appointed Mr Davies Mwila as the PF Secretary General many criticised him but today I can safely say that he is currently the best Secretary General in our political circles thanks to President Lungu’s golden finger.

As revealed by President Lungu himself that he prayed and meditated on his decision, I strongly believe that he was led and influenced by God with the result that the decisions him and Prof Luo will be making on behalf of Zambians may be designated in some sense with God’s wishes for his people.

I’m looking forward with great anticipation to President Lungu’s last term in office because it will be a real deal.


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