Dear Editor,

IT has come to the attention of our team that some people are purporting to be in an alliance with me.

I want to put it categorically that the only Mayoral candidate I am working with is George Mwanza, an independent.

Anyone else going round claiming to have partnered with me, is just wishful thinking.

I am alive to the challenges that Chipata residents face and looking to resolve these with a fresh new face and mind.

It is unfortunate that people had the opportunity to do the right thing but failed.

President Edgar Lungu has provided opportunities to people but they failed him.

I am determined to do what is necessary to develop Chipata and for this we need the right team.

Vote Edgar Chagwa Lungu for President;

Vote Zindaba Soko for MP Chipata Central,

George Mwanza for Chipata mayor


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