Dear Editor,

IF you are believer in one God the creator, be concerned with the rate at which:

People are getting Covid-19;

Hospitals are filling-up with patients;

People are perishing;

Burial permits are being issued by the council;

Graveyards are crowded with burials every day; and,

Families are losing bread-winners, patriarchs, matriarchs, guardians, children etc;

The casualness with which some of our fellow citizens continue to treat Covid-19 as an elitist pandemic, is scary.

We should not get used to losing more than 50 citizens to Covid daily without being moved. If you add other causes of death, how many do we lose per day?

Many people have died. We need to get concerned, even if we don’t care about the disease, with the plight of families that are being ripped apart due to Covid-19.

It cannot be business as usual now.

Everyone, including the church, other faith-based organisations and the rest of civil society must take action and frequently speak about the need for everyone to play their part.  We should deepen citizen sensitissation.

Surely, a simple task like masking-up, sanitising, keeping safe distance, timely reporting symptoms to medical people, and taking it upon ourselves to remind everyone in our vicinity to comply with regulations – should not be too hard a thing to do.

How many relatives, friends, workmates, comrades, compatriots, and fellow citizens etc are we going to lose before we become sensible?

How about each one of us on online platforms helping by ensuring that we post more of our fotos in masks etc?

May all families affected by Covid-19 be strengthened in the name of the Father, The Son And The Holy Spirit.


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