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NO unauthorised person can move the fuel tankers meant for youth empowerment parked at Levy Mwanawasa stadium in Ndola because they are still government property, the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development Permanent Secretary John Phiri has said.

Mr Phiri said the rumors going round that some people tried to move the fuel tankers from the stadium was fake because the tankers were parked for security reasons after the change of government. He stated that the fuel tankers had not been abandoned but parked there for security reasons. Mr Phiri also said claims that the fuel tankers were just abandoned at the stadium were not true and unfounded. “Abounded by who and for what reason,” he said.

 He said it was imperative that the tankers were secured because they were still state property until such a time when beneficiaries settle the loans. Mr Phiri said the fuel tankers were meant to empower youths which the previous regime had purchased.

 “It is not true that those tankers have been abandoned at the stadium. We parked them there for security reasons considering the change of government,” he said. He said the people should learn to be realistic because there was no way a person could go and dump assets worth millions of dollars just like that.

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