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THERE is need for a complete overhaul at the Ministry of Health to improve health services delivery, Resident Doctor’s Association of Zambia president Brian Sampa has said.

Dr Sampa claimed that the ministry had been the hub for corruption and other scandals for the past 10 years hence the need for an overhaul.

He said changing the top leadership only would not help address the situation as corrupt elements were deeprooted in the system.

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“The Ministry of Health which is one of the most sensitive ministries has been the centre of scandals ranging from abuse of Covid-19 donations, procurement of expired drugs and now importation of an unauthorised vaccine,” Dr Sampa said.

He said Government should overhaul the system from Permanent Secretary, Directors, through to middle management for it to realise its vision of universal health coverage for all.

Dr Sampa said the clean-up should be extended to the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) and other regulatory bodies.

“Why is it ZAMRA is only talking about this now, where was it all this while?” Dr Sampa said.

He said it was important to strengthen the procurement system to seal all loopholes.

“Government spends huge sums of money to deliver health services to the people but unfortunately funds end up in the pockets of corrupt individuals hence the need for a clean-up,” Dr Sampa said.

He said Ndeke House – the ministry’s headquarters – which has become the centre of corruption should be overhauled for Government to realise universal health coverage for all.

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