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THERE is a plot by the ruling UPND to abduct or kill me so that I do not appear on the ballot paper in the forthcoming Kabwata by-elections, PF candidate Clement Tembo has claimed.
Mr Tembo made the allegation in a telephone interview and said that his life was in danger as they were plotting to abduct him and even kill him so that he did not take part in the by-election.
He said this had prompted him to go into hiding because he was scared for his life as the UPND were hell bent on silencing him.

Mr Tembo said that they knew their movements and that not all members of the UPND hated him and that they were the ones giving updates on the plot.

“We are receiving information from inside UPND because it’s not everyone who hates us from there and the plan includes abduction so that I don’t file my nominations when the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) announces a new date,” he said.

He said that the overall plot was to ensure that the PF fielded a weaker candidate who would be easily defeated by the UPND.
Mr Tembo said that he had never been reported to any investigative wings contrary to assertions from the UPND.
He said that he was not shaken and was taking preventive measures to ensure that he was not harmed in any way by the powers that be.

Mr Tembo said that he was very sure that he would feature on the ballot paper despite so many manoeuvres that had been hatched to frustrate him.
He said he was not even free in his own country and was also on the lookout for potential assassination plots by the suspected UPND members.

Mr Tembo said even the move by UPP candidate Francis Libanda to chicken out of the election was just part of the plot to ensure that he was removed from the list of people who would take part in the elections because they were intimidated by him.

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