Hon Mweetwa, do not use the small boys as scapegoats

Dear Editor,

outhern province Minister, who is also UPND spokesperson, Hon Cornelius Mweetwa is a man whose soul is conflicted. Having suffered the public shame over his intention to redo the shortlist of teachers being recruited in his region, instead of rendering a public apology, he just decides to go for the UPND cadres as a scapegoat.
The abuse of the criminal justice system began under the rein of the MMD, enhanced by PF, and going through perfection by the new dawn administration. The scheme of suspects been transferred to areas outside the area of jurisdiction in which the offence occurs, but on grounds of the police receiving complaints mainly from UPND cadres is ‘value-addition’ to the abuse of justice system by the UPND.
Now, this is not the work of small boys on the grassroots, not at all, it is the work of the big boys at the National Secretariat working with the police. The small boys that Hon Mweetwa is instructing to stop the custom (Daily Nation, June 21 2022) are just a scapegoat because the Presidential pronouncement on the rule of law is losing its moral legitimacy.
This reflects the tension within the party between the faction that wants to move forward as per the party slogan, and this faction is under the leadership of Justice Minister Hon Haimbe.
The other faction inclined to move forward through the reverse gear under the leadership of UPND Lusaka province chairperson, Hon Obvious Mwaliteta.
The President must work on this immediately otherwise, he is promoting a moral hazard within the party. The big boys at the secretariat are not helping the President, Infact they are destroying him and their own term of office.
Like Activist Laura Miti cautioned them recently, PF started doing small illegal things and this grew into big things and made the country ungovernable.


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