Only HH can stop cadres

...From reporting people in far flung areas


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema is the only person who can stop UPND cadres from reporting suspected wrong doers from the previous regime in far flung areas, Mwenya Musenge has said.

Mr. Musenge said the UPND should stop paying lip service to this dangerous trend that has the potential to erode the country’s democracy.

He said in an interview that President Hichilema should immediately put a stop to this tendency which was tantamount to abuse of office.

Mr. Musenge said Zambians expected a serious statement from the minister of Home Affairs and International Security, Jack Mwiimbu on the matter which the UPND while in the opposition condemned the PF for.

“The way the police are handling people, you find people are being tossed up and down that is not right, when one is arrested, he or she is taken to Lukulu, Kasama.   That is not right and whatever they are doing that is abuse of office and the President should put a stop to this,” he said.

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Mr. Musenge said the things which were happening are wrong and President Hichilema should not entertain them.

He said that Zambians condemned such acts before and would not support them now. 

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