ECZ must reconsider printing ballots abroad -FDD

ELECTORAL Commission of Zambia (ECZ) must reconsider and print the ballot papers in the country in order to lessen the burden on political parties that will be monitoring the all process, Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has said.

FDD Lusaka Province chairperson James Musemuna said the decision by ECZ that political would fund its members to monitor the printing process would be costly if they go ahead to print abroad.

He said in an interview yesterday, in previous elections the political parties were managing to monitor the printing of ballot papers because the cost was on the Commission.

“Now that they have demanded that political parties must fund themselves, it would be costly as many opposition political parties were grappling with funds,” he said.

Printing ballots in the country, Mr Musemuna said, would reduce the burden of political parties, as they would be able to access the local printers.

“It will be very unfair if the Electoral Commission of Zambia go ahead to print the ballot papers in Dubai. This decision must be rescinded so that they can utilize the local printers to lessen the burden on political parties.

It will be much cheaper for political parties if the Commission print locally than going to Dubai. Most political parties cannot afford to go to Dubai.

“I am appealing to ECZ to rescind this decision because the political parties will not find their way to Dubai. Let them print the ballots here in Zambia,” Mr Musemuna said.

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