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Youths warned against taking Covid-19 lightly

YOUTHS are taking the spread of Covid-19 lightly as they have continued to defy the health guidelines, Anti-Political Violence Association of Zambia national coordinator Paul Bwalya has said.
Mr Bwalya said it was the responsibility of every citizen to abide by the guidelines given by the government if Zambia was to eliminate the virus.
He said it was wrong for people especially youths to continue disregarding the rules put in place to protect themselves, saying most were still assembling while drinking beer and disregarding the health guidelines.
Mr Bwalya said there was need for massive sensitisation among the public on the dangers of Covid-19 to eliminate perceptions that only some sections were at risk of it.
“Youths are still taking this as a joke instead of listening to what the government is trying to put in place for their protection.
“We will not relent on sensitising the public on the deadly virus that has spread globally with,” he said.
Mr Bwalya said there was no time for politicking on measures that were put in place, but instead everyone should take it upon themselves to abide by the regulations to stay safe.
And the Association’s president Ms Bernadette Mulenga said this was not the time to play politics on a sensitive health pandemic the country was facing.
She appealed to leaders to be tolerant and ensure they come up with strategies to develop the country.
She said the association would endeavour to engage various stakeholders in the political fraternity to ensure all the people united regardless to political affiliation.
Ms Mulenga has commended political parties that had come on board to supplement the government’s efforts in the fight against Covid-19.


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