South headmen rally behind Lungu

WE are tired of divisive and tribal politics being practiced by our brother Hakainde Hichilema and next year we will vote only based on merit, headmen in Chief Chikanta’s chiefdom in Kalomo have pledged.

The headmen said Mr Hichilema, who was seeking election to the highest office in the land had ensnared himself in divisive and tribal politics.
Senior headman Chibezu, who spoke on behalf of other headmen, said there had been massive development in the Southern Province and the rest of the country under the stewardship of President Edgar Lungu.
The headman said it was for that reason that the people in the area were ready to retain President Lungu as Head of State in next year’s general election.
He said Southern province had wasted a lot of time by supporting UPND, which was always against what the current Government was doing.
And Patriotic Front national mobilisation committee treasurer, Bizwell Mutale, said the southern region would be massively developed if PF was given another chance in the 2021 election.
Mr Mutale said President Lungu had continued to deliver development to all parts of the country including Dundumwezi where he did not get votes.
He said PF was the only hope for the people of Dundumwezi because their elected UPND leaders were a failure.

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