…on Lungu eligibility

SOME former ministers and lawyers are misleading Zambians over President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility to stand in 2021 elections, Kwacha Member of Parliament Joe Malanji has said.

He said the former ministers, who were now poverty-stricken, were hoping that if UPND formed Government they would be given some government portfolios so that they could recover from their poverty.
Mr Malanji, who is also Foreign Affairs Minister, said Government would not waste time responding to lies and cheap propaganda from the opposition. He said the government would continue to work on infrastructure development in various sectors like education and health.
He was speaking yesterday at Riverside Extension Primary School in Kitwe when he commissioned the newly constructed classroom block and later made a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a one by five classroom block. He said he was determined to elevated the school so that it could be upgraded to a secondary school from Grade one to Grade 12.
Mr Malanji said Government’s desire was to develop education and health infrastructure and this was why he had embarked on construction and upgrading of schools and clinics in his Constituency.
“The opposition is busy on social media calling us all sorts of names but as PF Government we don’t believe in social media but in meeting people and proving to them that we can perform,” he said.
Mr Malanji said he would in the next two weeks commission a maternity clinic in Bulangililo before starting construction of a maternity clinic in Ipusukilo.
He was accompanied by Kitwe District Commissioner, Chileshe Bweupe, District Education Board Secretary Chrispin Nyungila and PF officials.
Mr Malanji said the opposition was like a man who was sweet-talking a woman that he would be able to look after her when he had nothing to offer.
“Even you young ladies if a man comes to propose marriage to you, he should not just say I will provide everything to you when I marry you, but show capacity to look after you before he can marry.
“Even the opposition they should show their capacity in various ways to look after poverty stricken people, how does a person living in a rented house promise to deliver development, politics is about personal sacrifice but people accuse us of stealing, what are we stealing?” he questioned.

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