‘Patrick Mucheleka has no direction’


UPND Deputy Secretary General, Patrick Mucheleka is just a bitter person who has no influence and qualities of a leader, former North-Western Province PF chairperson Jackson Kungo has charged.

Mr Kungo Mr Mucheleka was in the habit of making sentiments against the PF and President Edgar Lungu.

Reacting to Mr Mucheleka’s recent sentiment against President Lungu, Mr Kungo said the UPND official’s rantings did not represent the will of the people.

“All in all, Mr Mucheleka is just a bitter Bemba who has failed to garner support for his party in the Bemba blok,” he said.

He said President Lungu is still very popular and that he is going to win with a landslide come August 12

Mr Kungo said Government had delivered development to all parts of the country which was why people would still vote for President Lungu.

“And currently, there is no opposition that can unseat President Lungu, so Mr Mucheleka and his party should brace for another political embarrassment  come August,” he added.

He said nothing would stop the majority of the people from voting for President Lungu as he has performed to their expectations. Mr Kungo urged people to ignore politicians like Mr Mucheleka who have no direction.

She said Luwaile used to put the knife on the stove until it was red hot before pressing it on her body while her arms were tied.

The girl also said on another occasion Luwaile put a spoon on the stove, tied her legs, laid her on the floor and burnt her with the hot utensil.

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