Five ways to know you’re his main chick this Valentine’s Day

You have to trust your partner for the relationship to go far and last long. However, some people abuse that trust by cheating while in a relationship. If you’ve been suspecting your partner or have doubts about your place in their lives, it’s time to dig deeper and ascertain the validity of your relationship. Below are ways to tell whether you are the only lover in their life or not.

If you want to know whether a man is serious about you, look at the way he introduces you to his friends. If you’ve already met most of his close friends and family members, and they know you as his girlfriend, the chances of him seeing someone else are close to non-existent.

You’ll spend Valentine’s Day and birthdays together

It’s a good sign if your significant other has made Valentine plans for the two of you today. It’s understandable that some people may be very busy today and may not have time to spend with their significant others, but you should know their whereabouts and the reasons. Some people don’t invite their girlfriends to their birthday parties for no particular reason other than the fact they don’t want them there. If you have to learn from mutual friends that he’s holding bashes and events and not including you, this is a bad sign

You hang out in public

You’ll know you’re their only girlfriend if you guys have public dates and even a little public display of affection. If you guys have public dates in places where you both are well known, that’s a pretty solid sign you’re the one and only. No one would risk being seen engaging in PDA with another woman in a familiar environment if people know they have a girlfriend. Gossip travels fast, and you’ll know sooner or later.

He provides, protects, professes

A man who prioritizes you will fulfill his duties of providing for you, whether that includes taking you out, providing basic needs for the family, or just being financially supportive. He’ll also protect you because which man will stand aside when his woman is being insulted, beaten, or in danger? None. He’ll also make it clear to other people that you are his woman. No man wants to risk losing his woman to competitors because other people don’t know you’re his woman. This means he’ll proudly introduce you as his girlfriend/wife so the public can know your place in his life.

Receives phone calls in your presence

It’s sketchy if a man always gets up and goes outside to receive phone calls whenever he’s with you. It’s understandable that people sometimes have private matters to attend to and need privacy, but it’s every time they become suspicious. It could also be that he’s planning a surprise for you, but the chances are very slim if it’s been happening for years or for the whole duration you’ve known him.

Invests his time and finance into the relationship

You’ll know you’re his priority if you guys have a lot of quality time together. If he talks about his distant future with you in it, that’s a pretty solid sign he wants you around for years to come because you’re his main woman.



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