Hiding trucks must be criminal

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 11:34:10 +0000

Dear Editor,

I read with disgust that Fred M’membe was hiding trucks that should have been handed over to the liquidator. Is this not an offence considering that the court has already passed an order of liquidation?

It is very good that Zambians are now seeing the full colours of this man who hounded former President Frederick Chiluba accusing him of all manner of corruption when he has much more money stolen from public coffers.

Let there be no doubt that tax evasion is theft, more so if it involves using money from value added tax which belongs to the Government and should have been used for development purposes.

Let this be a lesson to Zambians not to be cheated by self-appointed righteous people who claim to be holier than thou because their sins are worse than their victims whom they accuse of corruption and plunder.

The sums of money in which Fred M’membe, Mutembo Nchito and Mark Chona were accusing former President Chiluba of stealing pales into total insignificance when compared to the amounts that are now emerging in the tax evasion, DBZ and other cases.

I am equally surprised that the Government is still allowing the so called “Mast” to continue to be published when it is very clear that the same person behind the Post is also behind this new paper.

We must learn from countries that have allowed themselves the luxury of fragmentation by allowing divisive and corrosive people space to create disaffection and anarchy. We are a blessed country and must, therefore, continue to pray and seek peace at all times.

Let the authorities act quickly to put this very sad and dark episode behind us so that the country starts afresh.

Fenwick Mweetwa.

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