THE Zambia Police Service shall deal firmly with individuals that will conduct public activities without public health certificates and police notification, Inspector General Kakoma Kakoma has warned.

Mr Kanganja observed that some politicians were deliberately disregarding the provisions of the law by conducting political activities without clearance.

He said some politicians had opted to disregard the advice of regulating officers.

Mr Kanganja warned that the police shall not tolerate lawlessness and that those found abrogating the law would be dealt with in line with the law.

He has directed all regulating officers at all levels to be firm and ensure that law and order prevailed.

Mr Kanganja also warned that all those that would want to disregard the law should do so at their own peril.

“Some political parties are conducting their door-to-door campaigns and processions without notifying the police,” he said.

Mr Kanganja said in as much as Zambia Police realises that it was an election period, all such activities have to be conducted in an orderly and coordinated manner and within the confines of the law.

He said some of the unregulated door-to-door campaign processions had resulted in political cadres clashing and hurting one another.

Mr Kanganja also warned “protesting” resident doctors who have been gathering illegally and going against Ministry of Health recommendations on public health safety.

 “I am calling on all those that intend to have public gatherings including resident doctors to abide by Public Health guidelines which have been spelt out by health experts through Statutory Instruments number 21 and 22 as well as the provisions of the Public Order Act,” he said.

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