Don’t lose what you have, Luo tells PF members

By KETRA KALUNGA in Kapiri Mposhi

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu’s running mate Professor Nkandu Luo has urged all Patriotic Front members to ensure they hold on to power by taking the election campaigns seriously.

And PF running mate campaign manager, Given Lubinda said the party has what it takes to win the elections because it has a better Presidential candidate.

Prof. Luo urged PF members to focus on remaining in the ruling party as they conduct campaigns for the elections. She said in Kapiri Mposhi yesterday during a PF meeting addressed by Vice President Inonge Wina that time for the PF to go back to being in opposition has not yet come.

“For those who remember we suffered when we were in opposition, let us not lose what we have in our hands, we must hold on to what we have,” she said.

Prof. Luo advised leaders to respect officials at the branch level because they play a major role in conducting effective campaigns.

She said branch officials have the strength to pull votes, the more reason why the party has insisted on the formation of branches

And Mr Lubinda has urged PF members to ensure they market their best Presidential candidate, President Lungu.

Mr. Lubinda said President Lungu is the best candidate in the August 12 general elections and cannot be compared to others.

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