THE Patriotic Front (PF) will never collapse despite a few individuals who are resigning from the party, Mulenga Sata has said.

Mr Sata, who is the son of late Fifth Republican President, Michael Sata, said the PF was still recovering from an electoral loss, with some shock and trauma but that the former ruling party remained strong. He said members should be given time to recover because the PF was now the biggest opposition party, capable of offering proper checks and balances.

 Mr Sata was reacting to assertions that the PF was bound to collapse after losing some members ditched the party in the aftermath of losing power to UPND in the August 12 elections. He said the party has 61 seats in parliament which will not evaporate overnight, hence the party would continue offering effective checks and balances.

He said there are still people who were committed and they should not be demoralised when another person leaves because every person was at liberty to exercise their democratic rights. Mr Sata said that in as much as each and every member had the right to leave, the party should not be shaken by the minority few who were resigning.

“People come and go which are normal politics in a democracy,” he said. He said some people who have left have their own personal motivations and principles. Mr Sata added that it was normal for people to leave a party in a democracy and that the resignations should not surprise anyone. He said it was unfortunate that politics in Zambia were about people always wanting to align themselves with the party in power.

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