Lusaka July is a Zambian social event that blends fashion with equestrian sport.

The 2021 Lusaka July was held on Saturday under the theme “Heaven on Earth”.

PR Girl Media hosts the Lusaka July.

The polo-fashion event is dubbed as Zambia’s version of the Met Gala that has everyone watching out for the best of fashion displays in line with adopted themes.

The glamorous event has attracted many prominent figures and socialites in the previous years even with ticket costs as high as K2000 per head.

Some of the prominent people that have attended this year’s Lusaka July are Macky 2, Mampi, Mutale Mwanza and international celebrity guests.

The event offers a live-polo match, jazz band, orchestra and fashion showcases as entertainment.

Local designers, Nkanda Yathu and Fay Designs showcased at the event with South Africa’s George Malelu as the international designers.

Sisters Monde and Chishimba Nyambe are the founders and brains behind Lusaka July.

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