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From way back, Zed reggae and dancehall music has given birth to legends like Michael Zulu, Matthew Tembo and the late Daddy Zemus. Passing on the barton to the likes of Cactus Agony, Nasty D and Milz the Teacher, who in return have pioneered the growth of the rising reggae empire of Ras Kinky, Tusher Chengala, Bongo Faria, Mwiza Zulu and the Roaring Lions Family, Frost Gwansha, Ariel, Original Bris, Kaya man, king Kantri Posean Ganta just to name a few, keeping the culture alive.

They have worked with numerous bands across the nation namely Uhuru Vibes band, Negustafari band, No Parking Band, with vibrations of the Mukango movement, Zedway foundation also earning international performances with bands from the whole of Africa and the world over.

With the knowledge and the willingness to learn more, The Pharaohs have taken time to work on both reggae and dancehall aspects with the inspiration and collaboration of both local and international acts. From this, the Pharaohs have also seen the growth of reggae and dancehall music in our motherland paving the way to rising stars and the two-steppers of music who continue to grace our land with good music.

The list of dancehall and reggae artistes might fill up the whole page cause there are too many to choose from.
This part of which we dim JAH MUSIC has a message of change and unity which many seem to never taken time to listen to but we thank JAH and BOB MARLEY for preaching the message of peace across every nation, as the legend said,” when music hits you, you feel no pain,” which is our motto as a band we have taken to practice to extend the hand of peace to working with the likes of Admiral P of Norway and other international acts.
Admiral P is an MTV award-winning artist having both nationalities of Zambia and Norway. Born Philip Boardman, best known for his commercial single “snakke litt.”(2011).

The BlaQ Pharaohs collaborated with Admiral P on a track titled “Strain” produced by K dash aka Mr 1000 due to be released this coming fore. The PHARAOHS have merged with the Mukango movement headed by Cactus Agony who boasts of international acclaims with the Jamaican-based artist Lutan Fyah and productions stretching as far as the United Kingdom by “Lord kimo.” From K Dash, the PHARAOHS are working with the Roaring Lions Family who are a versatile multi-talented well-mentored trio.

The PHARAOHS started as a trio that has grown to a multitude of five and other affiliates from different parts of the country which keeps growing from a band, to what now is called a movement.

The three main members of BlaQ Pharaohs have taken time to incorporate intellects of skill bringing on board individual selects. Kas-Lee hosted by Elka Binyo a founding member, Stixx hosted by Blanco Billy a renowned photographer and founding father of Gifted Saints Photography.

Don Dada’s collection has been kept a secret having groomed the PHARAOHS since the Kafue Boys era, little is known of how the movement began. Tracing back to the love of sound each Pharaoh possesses a different complex ability though each member has a different profession.

This has not only brought about the quest for knowledge but the love that each member possesses for music. Each member’s versatility has brought about incorporations from each member’s affiliation.

The vision 2030 is for the PHARAOHS to tour Africa to preach/teach the message of peace and the protection of the environment which is afforestation and the support of the reduction of global warming. Which in any meaningful manner as a Rasta we promote.

The PHARAOHS also embark to promote youth, sport and development with the help of Stop The Violence Campaign, Michael Zulu’s gun culture, Shakarongo’ movement for togetherness and the fight for one Zambia One Nation, as patriotic Zambians.

The PHARAOHS have remained true to the message of peace even before the current change of government. Blanco Billy with an eye to capture nature, events and to tell truth as a journalist has used his skill to perfect his vocals and melodies to remain who he is.

Kas-Lee on the other hand who is also in the same field as Blanco Billy being a photographer too remains on the unknown art to improve cover music, which remains a blur to many artists.

Elka Binyo known for his noise has set trends unknown to the Zambian ear but boasts of collaborations of both local and international artists of day time. Stixx being introduced to Blanco Billy by Don Dada still remains the PHARAOHS biggest mystery.

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