Musenge cautions UPND


THE US$1.3 billion IMF bailout is purely a “smoke screen” and will not uplift the welfare of the majority poverty-stricken Zambians in various communities and the only trickledown effect on communities will be the worsening poverty levels in the country, veteran politician Mwenya Musenge, has said.

And Mr Musenge has also said even if the UPND succeed in stopping Mr Joe Malanji and Mr Bowman Lusambo from re-contesting their respective seats, it will not grab the two seats because Zambians have lost trust and confidence in the new dawn administration.

Mr Musenge said the IMF bailout which the new dawn administration has achieved was nothing to celebrate about because it will not benefit ordinary Zambians in communities, but will only bring untold misery in terms of hunger and poverty.

In an interview in Kitwe, Mr Musenge said the new dawn administration must not even feel proud about the IMF deal because it will not uplift the lives of Zambians, but must instead find a better strategy on how they would like to take Zambia to greater heights.

“Yes, the UPND must find a better strategy of achieving economic recovery and not this IMF bailout. No. This IMF bailout is purely a smoke screen and will not benefit the majority poverty stricken Zambians. No. The only trickledown effect of the IMF on the communities will be the worsening hunger and poverty in communities.

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And Mr Musenge has said stopping Mr Malanji and Mr Lusambo from re-contesting their seats will not help the ruling party in any way, but will instead aggravate the situation and make the electorate to vote for somebody else apart from the ruling party’s candidate.

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