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Thabsie thrilled by Dubai tourism, urges Africa to embrace it

South African R&B vocalist, Thabsie, popularly known for hit singles, African Queen, and Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe says she is honoured to be part of the A to Z campaign set to accord many Africans a chance to explore the massive tourism in Dubai.

Thabsie is among many African creatives including Zambians championing the campaign to promote Dubai tourism.

“First off, I want to say I’m honoured that they found me worthy to work closely with them. The feeling is mutual. Dubai Tourism and I have partnered together to shine a light on Africans exploring a luxurious yet affordable vacation in Dubai,” she said in an exclusive interview.

“It’s a conversation that Dubai wants to continue having with Africans and South Africans in particular and I’m happy to be a facilitator in having such a discussion. “

She explains that deciding to become an ambassador for Dubai Tourism was a no brainer for her.

“The city represents so much that I can relate to. It represents opportunity, quality, luxury, inclusion and dreams coming true. So when they came looking for me, I said yes to their representative without a hint of hesitation. The experience was even better than I thought or could ever imagined.”

In Zambia, several creatives have joined the A-Z campaign, among them actress Sophia Chapeshamano aka Tasha of Zuba and DJ K-Plus. These celebrities are sharing massive information about Dubai on their socials. This information is mostly relevant to followers who desire to visit the world’s most popular tourism destination.

Just like Thabsie, the role of these creatives is to bring the story of Dubai to the locals from A to Z, but it’s for them to go and see it for themselves.

Zambian audiences can follow Muvi TV’s Lunch Time show on Tuesday’s at 14:15 and Saturday’s on the Breakfast With The Boys show at 08:45 to win some giveaways relating to the A to Z Dubai Campaign courtesy of Chaminuka and CKS Lifestyle.


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